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Special Olympics, New York, Area 20 Monroe County
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World Games Athletes

The 10th Special Olympics World Summer Games for athletes with mental retardation will be the largest multi-sport event in the world in 1999, with 7,000 athletes and 2,000 coaches from more than 150 nations scheduled to participate in 19 Olympic-style sports ranging from Aquatics to Volleyball.

Monroe County Special Olympics will be represented by four coaches and four athletes at the Special Olympics World Summer Games. Coaches attending the games are Sylvia Korn from School of the Holy Childhood who will coach Golf, Cynthia Kohl from BOCES #1 who will coach Swimming and Debe Bottiglier from the Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester who will coach Gymnastics. Sarah Jane Clifford owner of the Gymnastics Training Center will be the Gymnastics judge.

Athletes from Monroe County attending the Games will be Tray Greene, a Wilson Magnet student who will compete in Roller Skating, Brian Dioguardi of the School of the Holy Childhood who will compete in power lifting and Paula Gregorio and Carl Grayson of the Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester who will compete in Gymnastics


Coach’s Corner

Meet Sylvia Korn, Cynthia Kohl, Debe Bottiglier, & Sara Jane Clifford

Coach Sylvia Korn has been involved with Special Olympics coaching Swimming and Golf for 17 years at the School of the Holy Childhood. In addition to coaching, Sylvia sits on the State-level Games and training committee. She is responsible for organizing all State and Local events for Golf and Swimming. Sylvia received the Jean Giambrone Award at the WVOR Sportswoman’s Luncheon in 1996.

Cynthia Kohl began her coaching career as a volunteer in 1988 in swimming. This will be her first year attending the World games as a coach. Four New York Special Olympics athletes will be included inher team for the event. Cynthia is the coach for the BOCES #1 swim team. She also runs the local swim competition for Monroe County Special Olympics with Sylvia Korn.

Debe Bottiglier began her gymnastics coaching career 10 years ago at Monroe County Special Olympics. This is the second World Games that Debe will attend as a Gymnastics coach. The first World Games was in Connecticut in 1995. Debe began her career working with children with developmental and mental disabilities in Wisconsin. Currently she works for the Montessori School System teaching physical and health education.

Sarah Jane Clifford will participate in the World Games as a gymnastics judge. Sarah Jane, the owner of the Gymnastics Training Center in Penfield has earned a gymnastics elite rated judge to qualify her to attend For 11 years. Sarah Jane has coached and coordinated local events for Monroe County Special Olympics She has also been a judge for the 1995 World Games and found it to be a very exciting experience to meet other judges from all over the world.

We wish “our team” well and cheer them on in their competition from June 27 through July 4, 1999 in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina


Athlete Spotlight

Meet Tray Greene, Brian Dioguardi,
Carl Grayson, and Paula Gregorio

Tray Greene was born and raised in Rochester. The 18 year old won the Gold Medal in Speed Roller Skating at the 1995 World Games in Connecticut. Tray numbers several sports among his interests. He holds the fastest times in ice speed skating and enjoys having the McQuaid hockey team attempt to beat him and he wins every time! Tray will compete in World Games Speed Roller Skating.

Brian Dioguardi attends the School of the Holy Childhood. This is the second time that the 20 year old has been selected for the World Games. In 1995 Brian competed in Unified Golf earning medals in the event with his partner “Butch Rose.” Brian is adept at Powerlifting and enjoys playing golf, soccer, and basketball. He is a competitive track and field participant each year. Brian competes in power lifting at the World Games.

Carl Grayson of Brockport’s Lifetime Assistance program is a 31 year old who enjoys being an ambassador for Special Olympics by speaking to groups about his Special Olympics sports. Carl is a member of the World Games Gymnastics team and numbers soccer, basketball and track and field among his favorities.

Paula Gregorio is a 20 year old Special Olympics athlete who has trained hard to advance from the State Tournament to the World Games. She is a fan of WWF wrestling and was born in Buffalo and lives in Penfield. Paula is a member of the World Games Gymnastics Team. She loves Gymnastics and was the first athlete to enroll in the Monroe County Special Olympics Gymnastics program in 1988 at the Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester.


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